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Our Staffs 


Here at my biggest family centre, we believe in utilising the power of drama and performing arts to enrich the mind of young people in care and care leavers, tackle resilience issues and giving voices. We have a strong team of specialist in areas such as People and society, Social Services, Administration and Project management; Drama, Performing Arts, Photography and IT.  My biggest family centre is going to be an unforgettable experience for young people.  Our young people here are given the opportunity to engage themselves in a variety of project we provide. My biggest family projects are one of its kind, tailored to give our young people in care a voice and becoming pioneers of their future.


Introductions to My Biggest Family Day

Here at my biggest family, we believe that everyone deserves a welcome introduction to the family. You also get to meet other members of the family in a warm and welcoming environment that promotes self-identity whilst fostering the sense of belonging. The introduction ends with a clear understanding of our policy and expected behavior and projects.

Collaborative Partnership and knowledge exchange

My biggest family projects in Africa is a proposal to foster a collaborative partnership and knowledge exchange with other countries. The intention here is to give our young people in care and those from struggling family the opportunity to work in partnership and to experience other cultures. Participants eligibility will be accessed as this will be the final step of my biggest family project. Our young people are expected to have gained valuable skills and experience to help them pursue further education or employment opportunities. They will be capable of building on their self esteems and confidence whilst maintaining their resilience power.

Community Outreach and Advocacy 

Our young people here are involved in every aspect of community outreach and advocacy of their choice. This is to help the young people build on their self-confidence to engage with different communities through projects such as PAR, field survey, research, drama, performing arts and higher education experiential day.

Youth-Led Discussion, Creativity and Innovation  

There is a platform for our young people to engage in critical discussions on things that matter to them and hence building on their resilience knowledge and self-esteem. They will be engaged in carrying out and maintaining individual and group projects. Presentation of an individual story and socioeconomic issue.